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GIVING IN TO SPIRIT by Diane Yacobi.
Have you ever felt that things just never go right? Whatever you do or plan just goes wrong, everything is an uphill battle, the job is wrong, the money never goes far enough, there is always some bill that pops up expectedly that needs paying NOW, the guy you are hoping to attract goes off with someone else, your marriage which you thought was ok ends up in divorce, the partner you love betrays you. The list goes on and on.

We all go through phases like that and these phases can last days, weeks, months or even years. But phrases they are and surely as day follows night, these bad phases are followed by good/better times. It is the cosmic order of things.

However it is how we manage these down time phases is what matters. What we learn and take from these times steel us for the future. I believe our Angels who surround and protect us are giving us these experiences as an opportunity to develop and mature and then pass on our painfully gained wisdom to comfort others who may need our help.

How many times have you heard people say for example, I had a terrible time when my marriage broke up but if it had not have happened I would not pursue the career I am doing now….or me the man of my dreams…

I do realise when there is a terrible loss or death, one will perhaps find that difficult to reconcile, but I fully believe that Spirit has called that person back to the “light” because their time on this earthly plain has been fulfilled and that they will be reborn in another soul and another life and that whatever they needed to learn in the previous lifetime will be passed through to that new life.

Just accepting what life throws at us makes it all the better to bear. Learning and looking at what went wrong and more importantly, our contribution to the situation (and that takes brutal honesty!) makes us realise our own frailties and “faults” and use it as an opportunity to grow and expand.

I use my Angels to protect me, give me guidance for the day ahead. I try to live my life with the inspiration of that daily card. I know the message the Angel is telling me will protect me during the stressful day ahead.
Sometimes when we fight with our partners and the relationship seems troubled, maybe it is Spirit telling us it is time to move on. We don’t listen because it’s inconvenient, better to be in a bad relationship than none at all and face being lonely but perhaps Spirit is telling us in a subtle way that it is time to move on because there is a better relationship waiting for us.

Making changes in one’s life takes bravery and courage but knowing the Angels are constantly protecting us gives us the courage and motivation. Just listen to the Angels and the messages they are trying to impart.

© Diane Yacobi 2011

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