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Steve Gunn
Steve Gunn was born in Coventry and had a successful 20-year career in UK television production industry.   Despite this, he made a change into the field of metaphysics, having inherited psychic abilities and a fascination for the workings of the universe and the human experience.
Steve now lives in Florida, and has developed in his field to be a Master Psychic, Reiki Master, devised two of his own brands of energy works (i)Life Energy mapping and recently a new self help method Ptsen-Nuh.
His book on soulmates “When Two Souls Connect” published by Publish America is looked upon as a definitive work on soulmate experience; (go to www.amazon.co.uk where this book can be purchased.
Steve has devised a self help energy healing method called Ptsen-Nuh which is fast receiving a lot of attention from its successful results and he is currently planning a new book called “Life – the missing instruction book
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