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Debbie Maya
(DMS Astrol.)
Debbie Maya is an internationally renowned clairvoyant with a specialist knowledge in the field of reading the energies of soul mate connections which often lead onto the past life connection with the partner.  She also works as writer, journalist and broadcaster and originally trained as an astrologer with the Mayo of Astrology.   Her clairvoyant skill were honed at the College of Psychic Studies in South Kensington, London and she has worked for more than 30 years as a clairvoyant giving private readings both face to face and over the telephone. 
She was heard as the psychic astrologer, “Madam Debra”, on the Danny Greenstone Radio Show on BBC Three Counties Radio from 2008/9 and revived this role on Jnet Radio.   
Debbie says, "The work that I do is not fortune-telling. I simply have a telepathic link with spirit.  I want to make sure people understand that mediumship work gives proof of survival.  That is the bottom line. If spirit have messages to impart, they will come through and give them.   Sometimes spirit even come through with information on past lives.  She is the author of many articles including "The Twin Soul Connection", "The Twin Soul Waiting Room", "Synastry, the Age Old Question", "Time Portals", and her latest e-book is "The Twin Flame and other Soul Mate Connections"
NB: There are no guarantees that the person you want to hear from so badly, is going to come through.  In fact Debbie was astounded to note that she had "channelled" Cary Grant in a reading for a sitter who turned out to have been a very close friend of the legendary actor.
Diane Yacobi
Tarot Reader, Angel and Empowerment Cards, Clairvoyant and Psychic
With the help of spirit Diane reads tarot cards using her psychic powers – gets to the root of what is really going on in your life and to see the situation with total clarity.   
Diane is fabulous at predicting relationships and once you are in a relationship, Diane is able to give you guidance on where it is going.
Some things about the work Diane does:
She learned to read tarot at Mysteries in London UK.
She works at “NW6” in West Hampstead.
She worked in the USA at the Minneapolis Drug Rehabilitation Centre helping drug and alcohol abuse patients.
Works at The Psychic Circle ( plc) pin number 9003.  Diane was named reader of the month with the Circle for May 2012.
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